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Welcome to The Gumala Trust (“GIPL”) website.

GIPL has a vital role as the Trustee of the General Gumala Foundation (the “Foundation”), and as such, has legal responsibilities to appropriately manage and supervise the monies received and distributed on behalf of the Foundation under the terms of its Trust Deed.

Since 1997, GIPL has been acting as a ‘safe pair of hands’ to ensure the best interest of our Beneficiaries, the Traditional Owners of the Yinhawangka, Bunjima and Nyiyaparli people, are being met both now and in the future.


More GIPL Houses for Sale

Houses for sale list

Over the years the General Gumala Foundation (GGF) has invested in residential houses in Tom Price and South Hedland. These houses have been leased to Members and the public over the past three years through independent property managers.

Given the recent downturn in property values in the Pilbara, and enquiries from Members about purchasing houses, in mid-2018 the GIPL Board resolved to make a public offer to Gumala Members wanting to purchase these residential properties. This would provide the opportunity to purchase a house in a low market and, at the same time, allow the GGF to adjust its investment portfolio in the future fund.

Please note that the GGF is not offering to fund the property purchase, although it is willing to assist by selling the properties at slightly less than market value. Members need to seek their own finance or funding and we are aware that other Trusts may be able to assist with funding.

There were 10 properties in Tom Price and 11 properties in South Hedland. Since the start of this exercise, two properties have settled, and one is currently under negotiation.

If you would like further information about the houses, please email gipl@gumalatrust.com or phone (08) 9287-3900.

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GIPL Houses Available in Tom Price

The GIPL Board is keen to see more Beneficiaries obtain their own homes and will consider sales of its residential properties to Beneficiaries. The properties available in Tom Price are:

Pages from 52 Ingerup routine inspection 09092016207 Cogelup Way
55 Ingerup Place
52 Ingerup Place
58 Kanberra Drive
59 Kanberra Drive
61 Kanberra Drive
63 Kanberra Drive

If you would like further information about the houses, please email gipl@gumalatrust.com or phone (08) 9287-3900.