What is a Beneficiary?

A Beneficiary is a person entitled to receive benefits from the General Gumala Foundation (GGF). To be a Beneficiary of this Foundation, you must be recognised as an individual of one of the three language groups: Bunjima, Nyiyaparli or Yinhawangka.

Gumala has approximately 1,600 registered adult Beneficiaries. In making a decision about who qualifies as a Beneficiary, the Trustee is bound by the Trust Deed to consider the following:

    • Aboriginal Tradition.
    • The findings of any ‘bona fide’ genealogical studies, landownership studies, or land boundary studies that may at any time, or from time to time, be carried out.
    • Whether a person regards him/herself as a Traditional Owner and is accepted by other Traditional Owners as a Traditional Owner.
    • Any relevant determination of a court or tribunal.
    • The relationship of a person to the area of the Traditional Lands in terms of family, clan, kinship, traditional occupation rights by marriage or affiliation, usufructuary rights and all other connections to the land recognised by Aboriginal Tradition.
    • The views of any Traditional Owner Council.

If you become a Beneficiary, you will be entitled to receive benefits from the GGF. As a Member you will be able to access these entitlements through programs, which have been designed to assist in the alleviation of poverty, sickness, suffering, distress, misfortune or destitution.

If you have recently turned 18, you are encouraged to put in a joint application for approval.


Our Application Reviewing Process

Once an application is sent to us, the application is sent to the Foundation Application Review Committee for assessment and review. This committee makes recommendations to the GAC and GIPL Boards respectively about the applications.The GIPL Board approves Beneficiary status. The GAC Board approve Memberships. For this reason, the committee is made up of TO Directors from both the GIPL and GAC Boards. This ensures the decision making is consistent regarding the outcomes of applications.


Updating Information

If you are already a Beneficiary or a Member and would like to update your personal details, we encourage you to fill out a Personal Information Form.