Joint Strategic Plan

In 2018, Gumala undertook the 5-year review of the General Gumala Foundation (GGF) for the 4th time. One recommendation from that review was to “Create a single Foundation Strategic Plan for the Trustee, Corporation and Enterprise”.

Gumala Aboriginal Corporation (GAC) and Gumala Investments Pty Ltd (GIPL) Boards and Executive Officers (EOs) came together to run Joint Strategy Sessions. During these sessions, the entities brainstormed the barriers that GAC and GIPL needed to overcome to achieve the Foundation’s ultimate goal of “Getting our People out of Poverty” and what goals would best guide the GGF in the short-term and long-term.


The Foundation’s mission, vision and values were developed, and priorities were brainstormed. The Boards assessed what GAC and GIPL needed to focus on, and asked “how do we actually measure and work towards meeting the objectives?”


Strategy specialists worked alongside the groups, helping the entities to talk, train and test the Gumala Joint Strategic Plan. Based on the outcomes of these sessions, the 5-year and 25-year Joint Strategy posters were created, to share the Foundation’s goals amongst Gumala Staff and Members. These posters were released in January 2022, with both the GAC and GIPL Boards committing to ongoing training and workshopping to keep the Foundation’s goals clear.

Vision, Mission and Values


Traditional Owners guiding and protecting the Banjima, Yinhawangka and Nyiyaparli cultures and country, and our future leaders.


To support and empower Gumala Traditional Owners to achieve independence and a sense of self, embedded in culture.

Our shared values

BeneficiariesFamilyWe care about our people and the communities in which we live and work.
LeadershipWe recognise and celebrate our strength and successes as well as those of our community.
RespectWe value and honour ourselves and others in both word and action.
HonestyWe are truthful, sincere and clear in our actions and words.
CultureOur decisions and actions are guided by our connections to lore, culture and custom. We are confident walking in two worlds.

Key Focus Areas


Appropriate Access and Support

All Members live long, happy, healthy lives with access to appropriate housing, land and health services.


Respected and Lived

All Members live our culture, with access and support to understand our language, our Lore, our Country, where our family comes from and how to pass it on.


Strong in Both Worlds

All Members have access to appropriate education in both cultures and support to achieve


Sustainable and Proud

Our organisations are strong and sustainable, supporting and employing our Members in a culturally appropriate way

Key Enablers

Gumala Team

Together we have created a 5-year Joint Strategic plan and a Long Term 25-year plan:


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